about us

harvest basket
Stephinie + Joe
Every item in the shop is handcrafted, photographed, packaged up and shipped to you from us. It's a no-frills show here and we wear a lot of hats managing the farm and this tiny handmade business. 
We're just real folks, making cool stuff to share with other real folks.
We believe in slow living and sourcing sustainable materials in our work.
Between the two of us, we dabble in herbalism, ceramics, fiber arts, woodcarving, and more. You'll find a little of each of these along with a regularly stocked natural apothecary in our online shop and occasionally at festivals & pop-up markets


Nestled in the quiet, cozy forest of upstate NY is our little cabin in the woods. We have about 6 acres of pasture that we're slowly turning into a little homestead and 30 acres of wild forest.

We tend over two dozen varieties of medicinal herbs, a vegetable garden, and an orchard using a blend of organic + permaculture practices. We also keep a flock of truly free-range chickens, ducks, and honeybees. 



We believe what we put on and in our bodies should be close to nature.

Our handcrafted goods are made from natural materials + fibers. Our shipping is done with reused and/or biodegradable materials and our packaging is primarily glass + metal to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. Our herbal products + soap are made from certified organic or wildcrafted ingredients. For ingredients we don't grow on the farm, we seek out supplies that are fair trade and sustainable. We do not use any chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. We know this level of intention creates an exceptional product and we love sharing these safe, gentle, and truly natural goods with all of you. 



Essential oils are widely popular + also overused and misused these days. Humans have had a sacred relationship with essential oils for thousands of years and used them for their healing properties, spiritual ceremonies, and perfumes. We choose to use very small amounts of essential oils in some of our products because we have seen how powerful these ingredients can be. You will not notice a strong scent, even in our perfumes, because we truly believe less is more with these precious ingredients. Unless you are working with a properly certified Aromatherapist (MLM companies do not offer this certification) you should ALWAYS use essential oils heavily diluted in a carrier oil, never apply them directly to your skin, and never consume them internally.


2% of all sales are donated to social justice organizations both regionally and nationally that work to provide resources to marginalized communities. We believe ALL folks deserve equal access to education, land ownership, housing, food, employment, life, and love.
Love  Big  +  Be  Kind